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Chaise lounge cushion covers. After few years use, patio chaise lounge cushions can become faded and stained. It is commonly happened that the frames from the furniture are still in a good shape but the cushions are not attractive anymore. Purchasing cushions could be fairly expensive and it is possible that you will find difficulty to meet the pattern and the color that may work with the ideas you have in mind. Therefore , these are likely to give you several tips which will guide you to recover patio chaise lounge cushions.

Firstly, you have to examine your old patio chaise lounge chair. You have to check the condition of the foam of stuffing. If it is not be well protected, you have to measure the cushion and you should buy the new foam or stuffing material. Actually need sure that the new filler for ones cushions is certainly designed for usage outdoors. Secondly, you have to measure your old cushion in order to easily determine the yardage required. You need to purchase the required yardage, and then allow extra to suit the stripes or patterns and also for making ties to secure the cushions into the frame of chaise lounge. After that, you need to buy the fabric. If the cushions will be left outdoors for all time, you should purchase sun resistant fabric.

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Chaise lounge cushion covers. Thirdly, you should make the pattern on your old cushion on the newspaper. You need to enable for inch on all of the sides for the seam allowances. Then, you can start to calculate the length of the old ties and you need to make a note of it. Fourthly, you need to cut the fresh foam by using newspaper pattern. After that, you should cut the content by using pattern drawn and cut the fabric for ties. Fifthly, you need to sew the seams of fabric, leave one end open for the stuffing and then turn right side out. The ties must be sewed and attached to the cover of the cushion by utilizing precisely the same positioning as the old cushion. Moreover, you need to sew the Velcro to the both sides with the open end of cushion cover.

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