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Lounge sofa designs. Clean lines in the lounge sofas and chairs are a must. No skirts or frills. Danish modern is the path to take, and because it’s such a traditional pattern, is still made by contemporary crafters from Cabot Wrenn to Ikea. Check thrift stores, of course , for pieces that happen to be truly of the period. For offices, another secret should be to consider hospital furniture like steel desks. You’ll want accent tables everywhere, to hold vital numbers 2 & 3.

Lighting is key to the Mad Men mood. Lots of accent table lamps with large drum shades, task lighting and wall sconces. Anyone reclining on lounge sofas should reach over in a seductive pose and turn a lamp on–or off, as being the scene demands. Leave the overhead lights off, typically. Plaids, houndstooth, floral or theme prints should highlight in curtains, wallpaper, pillows or throws tosses for the backs of lounge sofas. A nice move for lighting is to layer a sheer curtain underneath a heavier patterned curtain. Colors are typically muted browns, blues, yellows, with a brighter spot coming up at you here and there.

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Sectional sofa furniture is available in variety of types, and this includes color, material and dimensions. You can have it made in luxurious leather or in casual cotton and fiber. The number of seats is likewise decided by you as per your need and space in the room. Sectional sofas have built in compartment to keep magazines, remotes etc and even a pull down table to have beverages etc . while enjoying your favorite movie. These sections can act as a recliner or a couch or a lounge sofa. You can always change the setting of the various sections as per your mood or the number of guests visiting in. Even if we forget about the style quotient these sectionals, their comfort and functionality will win our hearts over. Lounge sofa designs, lounge furniture designs, lounge sofa pictures, TV lounge sofa designs.

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