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Ostrich Chaise Lounge. Beach chairs are unique luxury items that one can use to relax. But not only on the beaches you could use them even on the pool side. There are a huge range of beach chairs coming up each day quite a few new features. Ostrich 3 N 1 Beach Chair / Lounger. This one is one of its kinds. It is a multipurpose beach chair. You can adjust it in 5 different body positions apart from which it also features 3 different foot rest positions. It offers a superior total comfort while you take a nap on your back or on your own stomach. It is made of quick dry textline fabric. Its designed for a comfortable day out about the beach and features extra-wide hardwood arms and 22 inches between armrests. Its built up with a rust proof frame, nonetheless it is lightweight. Another feature is the Chiropractic material which helps in decreasing neck and lower back pain.

Ostrich Chaise Lounge – Solid Blue. This one again might be fixed in 5 different body positions. It has close face cavity which provides extra comfort to your back. It might be folded like the above two models and has open padded face cavity and arm slots. It is very comfortable which is available only in solid blue.

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Each of the above models is affordable and is easy on the back about. You can get a wide variety of Ostrich beach chairs at Beachmall. com. All you need to do is log on to their website, check the providers select one that suits your preferences the best. Apart from this chairs your website also displays a host of other beach accessories for sale. Ostrich chaise lounge beach chair, Ostrich lounge chaise, ostrich chaise lounge pink, ostrich chaise lounge with free towel, ostrich chaise lounge towel.

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