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If you are after a new sofa for your lounge room or den, sofa bed with chaise is definitely something you would want to check out. They give so much comfort and versatility they could be the perfect fit.

These sofas offer so much more versatility than traditional seating arrangements. The sofa bed with chaise being the ultimate. The ‘chaise’ is a long ottoman type seat which actually originated in Egypt (maybe best for smoking water pipes on). In any case, obviously those Egyptians understand how to relax! For practical reasons, this means you can lift your tired legs and sit with your legs around the chaise – possibly a great pose for reading your chosen novel and enjoying a great TV program. If you have children, they just love to lie there and watch TV.

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Actually the chaise offers a sick child a great way to rest and relax while still in the midst of family as opposed to being lonely in his/her bedroom and yelling to Mom every five minutes to come up with juice/water/popcorn, and so on Therefore better for everyone concerned. The chaise can usually be placed either to the right or the left of the other seats in order to accommodate the area it is in. In fact some sectional sofas offer the accessibility to having the chaise on its own, that is another interesting arrangement. Sofa bed with chaise storage, sofa bed with chaise longue.

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