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Wrought iron chaise lounge chairs. In case you have a chaise lounge chair, then possibly the patio chair cushions may need recovering or maybe need to be replaced. How about the wrought iron patio furniture? Maybe this needs cleaning and touching up with the coat of paint. Solid hardwood patio furniture such as teak outdoor furniture can be restored and refinished. Don’t be too quick to throw it all out as there is a good portion of it that may be restorable.

The two hottest materials for outdoor furniture are wrought iron and aluminum. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Wrought iron chaise lounges can be an extremely attractive and so are available in some wonderful designs. On the downside, they tend to be heavy which is a problem if you need to move them often. So you have got to consider this when you come to find a chaise lounge.

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Another drawback for wrought iron chaise lounges is that they’re at risk of rusting. You can avoid this by getting one along with a powder-coated finish which makes it weather resistant. Another must is with a chaise lounge cover when it rains and when you’re storing your furniture. Aluminum is a light and strong metal and more resistant to extreme weather than wrought iron. This leads an aluminum chaise lounge light enough to easily navigate around but heavy enough to resists winds. Despite their slender lines, they can have up to 300-pound capacity. They’re also available in some attractive designs and motifs. Wrought iron chaise lounge chairs sale, wrought iron chaise lounge chairs outdoor, wrought iron patio chaise lounge chairs.

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